This calculator shows a royalty estimate based on the number of streams you receive from Pandora.

Pandora Streaming Royalty Calculator

While Pandora does not publicly disclose its exact per-stream royalty rate, our data indicate that artists receive around $0.007 per stream.

The actual amount may vary slightly by country based on licensing deals with labels and distributors.

Importantly, Pandora pays the same rate whether a song is downloaded or streamed.

For listeners, Pandora offers both a free, ad-supported option with limited listening hours and a paid Pandora Plus subscription for an unlimited, ad-free experience.

As an artist, your music generates higher royalties when streamed by paid subscribers than free users.

To boost your earnings, focus on producing high-quality music that resonates with listeners.

Promote your Pandora artist profile on social media to drive more streams, as Pandora will reward your song with more exposure if you bring in external traffic, something we found in our tests.

You can also upload exclusive content like live tracks through Pandora’s AMP program, which carries higher royalty rates.

By understanding the royalty structure and utilizing programs like AMP, you can maximize your income as an artist on Pandora.

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