SoundCloud compensates artists at a varying rate between $0.0025 and $0.004 per stream.

They are not public about the exact rates for different countries. So, I took an average rate of $0.003 per stream for this calculator to get an estimate.

SoundCloud Streaming Royalty Calculator

SoundCloud provides artists with a platform to share their creations and build a dedicated fanbase within a vibrant and engaging community.

Listeners can use Soundcloud for free or pay to access the entire music library on-demand streaming.

Streams from paid subscribers have the highest pay-per-stream rate, which results in a higher payout for the artist.

So, as an artist, how much you get paid will depend on your audience size and its proportion of paid and free users.

Listeners can also purchase a track individually by paying a one-time fee. In such cases, SoundCloud takes 20% of the revenue, and 80% is paid to the artist.

Use SoundCloud for Artists to get the correct projects of your earnings. It also gives insights about your listeners and engagement.

You do not need to use SoundCloud for Artists to earn money from SoundCloud. You can use any music distributor to send your music to SoundCloud, and you will still receive your royalty.

Things That Make SoundCloud Stand Out

SoundCloud distinguishes itself from other streaming platforms through various features that cater to both artists and listeners:

1. Focus on Emerging and Independent Artists

SoundCloud is strongly committed to supporting new and independent artists, providing a platform to showcase their talent and gain recognition within the music industry.

2. User-Generated Music: UGC, but in Music?

Unlike many other platforms, SoundCloud encourages users to create and share their own music.

This inclusive environment promotes a dynamic community of music creators, where users can freely upload their original tracks, remixes, and mashups.

3. Interactive Community

SoundCloud has a vibrant community of music enthusiasts and creators.

Users can engage with each other through comments, likes, and reposts, creating a sense of connection and collaboration within the platform.

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