Beatport is a digital music store and streaming service specializing in electronic music.

This calculator helps estimate your royalty earnings from streams on Beatport.

Beatport Streaming Royalty Calculator

Beatport Royalty Structure (Things You Should Know)

Before making Beatport your breadwinner platform, you must know the intricacies behind its royalty structure.

Beatport stands out from other streaming platforms in many ways.

It specializes exclusively in electronic music, while competitors offer a broader range of genres.

Additionally, Beatport primarily functions as a download service, distinguishing it from platforms mainly focused on streaming.

Also, Beatport’s royalty rates are notably lower than those on popular platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Beatport maintains consistent music royalty rates across all countries, featuring a standard pay-per-stream of $0.005.

However, the actual cost of individual tracks or albums may exhibit slight variations due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Streaming vs. Download

Beatport provides both streaming and download services:

  • Subscribers to Beatport Link enjoy on-demand streaming of their entire music library.
  • Non-subscribers can access 30-second track previews and make purchases if they find something they like.

Notably, artists do not earn revenue from 30-second preview streams as they are not considered eligible.

Beatport compensates artists exclusively for streams from paying subscribers.

Despite this, 30-second previews have value for artists as they introduce new listeners to their music and create interest to listen to the whole track.

Beatport also incorporates these previews into its search results, increasing music visibility on the platform.

To listen to a whole song on Beatport, listeners must purchase to download the music or subscribe to Beatport Link.

For artists aiming to generate income on Beatport, the focus should be on promoting and encouraging purchases of full tracks or subscriptions to Beatport.

Final Thoughts

Beatport emerges as a valuable platform for electronic music artists, catering to EDM enthusiasts and DJs seeking high-quality tracks.

For those aiming for a broad, all-encompassing streaming service containing diverse music genres, Beatport may not meet their expectations.

Beatport’s specialization in EDM and its focus on providing essential tools for artists and DJs make it a standout choice within its niche market.

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