This calculator helps you estimate potential earnings from streaming music on YouTube Music.

Here, you’ll find two types of calculators: one to estimate earnings based on stream count and another to determine the number of streams needed to achieve a specific revenue target.

YouTube Music Streaming Royalty Calculator

YouTube Music Reverse Royalty Calculator

Country Streams Needed

Learn How to Use These Calculators

YouTube Music Royalty Calculator

The first standard YouTube Music royalty calculator estimates your earnings based on the number of streams you anticipate receiving from a specific country.

YouTube's royalty rates vary for different countries, so it's better to calculate royalty from each country separately for an accurate measurement.

How to Use

Select Stream Source Country: Choose the country from which your streams originate using the dropdown menu. If unsure, leave it as "Worldwide" to calculate based on an average global pay-per-play rate.

Enter Number of Streams: Input the number of streams you expect to receive from the selected country.

Calculate: Click the "Calculate" button to estimate your earnings based on the number of streams you provided.

View Estimated Earnings: The calculator will display your estimated earnings in USD.

YouTube Music Reverse Royalty Calculator

The YouTube Music reverse royalty calculator is designed for musicians and artists who want to set a revenue target and determine how many streams they need to achieve that target in various countries.

How to Use

Enter Revenue Target (USD): Specify the desired revenue target you aim to achieve through streaming royalties.

Calculate Streams: Click the "Calculate Streams" button to determine the number of streams needed in each country to reach your revenue target.

View Results: The calculator will present a table showing the number of streams each country needs to meet your revenue goal.

Final Thoughts

To generate income on YouTube Music, you can upload your music to the platform through a label or music distributor.

When setting up your release, consider opting for Content ID, which enables you to claim and manage videos using your music on YouTube.

Content ID allows you to earn additional revenue from videos where your music is detected.

This income potential extends beyond YouTube Music to other YouTube videos.

Various factors determine your revenue share, including agreements with YouTube and other parties like labels, distributors, and artists you collaborate with.

This share represents the percentage of gross revenue specified in your partner agreements with YouTube.

Revenue-sharing eligibility and percentages may vary depending on territories and licensing agreements.

Detailed information about revenue sharing can be found in your specific agreements, and it's best to talk with relevant parties involved in distributing your music.

Remember that the provided calculators offer estimates, and actual earnings can fluctuate based on your listener's subscription type, countries, etc.

The genre and popularity of your music also impact earnings, with some genres attracting more streams and, therefore, higher royalties.

Please be aware that this calculator is explicitly crafted for YouTube Music rates and will differ from royalty calculators designed for other streaming platforms.

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