These calculators are designed to help you estimate the potential earnings from listeners streaming your music on Apple Music.

There are two calculators: one for estimating earnings based on streams and another for determining the number of streams needed to achieve a specific revenue target.

Apple Music Streaming Royalty Calculator

Apple Music Reverse Royalty Calculator

Country Streams Needed

How do you use these calculators? Follow this

Apple Music Streaming Royalty Calculator

The standard Apple Music royalty calculator estimates your earnings based on (pay per stream) the number of streams you receive from a specific country.

Apple Music pays different royalty rates for streams from different countries, and this tool helps you calculate your potential earnings accordingly.

Select Stream Source Country: Choose the country from which your streams originate using the dropdown menu.

If you're unsure, you can leave it as "Worldwide" to calculate an average rate.

It's best to calculate for each country separately, as Apple's royalty rate varies for different countries.

Enter Number of Streams: Input the number of streams you expect to receive from the selected country.

Calculate: Click the "Calculate" button to estimate your earnings based on the provided data.

View Estimated Earnings: The calculator will display your estimated earnings in USD.

Apple Music Reverse Royalty Calculator

The Apple Music reverse royalty calculator is designed for musicians and artists who want to set a revenue target and determine how many streams they need to achieve that target in various countries.

This allows you to set realistic streaming goals for your desired income based on from which counties you receive most of the streams.

Enter Revenue Target (USD): Specify the desired revenue target you aim to achieve through streaming royalties.

Calculate Streams: Click the "Calculate Streams" button to determine the number of streams needed in each country to reach your revenue target.

View Results: The calculator will present a table showing the number of streams each country needs to meet your revenue goal.

Final Thoughts

Note that the results provided by these calculators are estimates. Actual earnings may vary due to subscription type, artist role, etc.

Suppose you can access the historical streaming data for your music from Apple Music for Artists platform. In that case, you can use it to refine your earnings estimates for a more accurate projection.

We've made this calculator using the data collected from monthly royalty reports of EDM, Pop, and Hip-hop artists.

If you have any doubts regarding these calculations, please comment below.

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