FL Studio is a simple but powerful digital audio workstation (DAW). I have been using it for over six years.

A common question I get asked a lot by my friends and readers is, “which FL Studio package to purchase?”

I’ve played around with different versions and editions of the software over the years, from the introductory Fruity Edition to the mighty All Plugins Edition.

Each edition comes with its own features, making it challenging to decide which one best fits your needs.

In this article, I’ll share my experience with the different FL Studio editions and why I decided to upgrade over the years.

I’ll also provide a breakdown of each edition’s features, so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right edition.

Whether you’re just starting with FL Studio or looking to upgrade, this guide will help you determine the best option.

FL Studio editions
FL Studio editions

Key Takeaways;

  • The Fruity Edition lacks some important features essential to a DAW.
  • The Producer Edition has everything you need to write, produce, mix, and master professional quality music. It works for 90% of producers.
  • Signature Bundle is a great choice for working with vocals, as it includes pitch correction plugins like NewTone and Pitcher.
  • Choose the All Plugins Bundle if you want to stock up on all plugins from Image-Line.

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Which Edition of FL Studio Should You Get?

Here, I will break down the four main editions of FL Studio and recommend which edition to start with.

FL Studio editions

The four editions of FL Studio are:

  1. Fruity Edition
  2. Producer Edition
  3. Signature Edition
  4. All Plugins Edition

Each of these editions comes with different features and is priced differently.

Before I dive into the differences between each edition, it’s important to note that every edition of FL Studio comes with free lifetime updates (learn how to update FL Studio).

This means that whichever edition you choose, you will always have access to the latest version of FL Studio.

For example, if you had bought the producer edition of FL Studio 21, you’d still be able to use the producer edition of all future versions of FL Studio.

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Which FL Studio Edition Should You Choose? – The Answer

FL Studio Fruity Edition

The Fruity Edition is the most basic, offering a piano roll pattern editor, playlist, and a few synths and effects.

Unfortunately, it lacks essential features like audio recording and drag-and-drop functionality, so it might not be the best choice.

Although Fruity Edition is the cheapest, it’s limited in features, so it may not be worth investing in.

FL Studio Producer Edition

On the other hand, the Producer Edition provides everything in the Fruity Edition and additional plugins and tools like Edison, a powerful audio editor, and Slicex, which allows you to chop up audio samples.

It also includes noteworthy synths and effects like Sytrus, an FM synthesizer, and Maximus, a multi-band compressor for mastering.

The Producer Edition has all the essential effects, such as equalizers, delays, reverbs, compressors, and distortion.

The Producer Edition is an excellent option for beginners as it offers everything in the Fruity Edition with additional plugins and tools, making it an excellent value.

Upgrading to Signature and All Plugins Edition

An important thing to note is that if you choose to start with a lower-priced edition, such as the Producer Edition, but later want to upgrade to a higher-priced edition, such as the Signature Bundle, you can pay the difference and upgrade.

This means you won’t have to buy a whole new pack again.

FL Studio Signature Edition

The Signature Bundle is a great option if you plan to work with vocals, as it includes many helpful plugins like NewTone, Pitcher, Gross Beat, etc.

NewTone is a tool that allows you to manually correct the pitch of vocals, instruments, and synths. The Pitcher can do this automatically, like Auto-Tune.

For example, if a singer is slightly off-key in a recording, you can use NewTone or Pitcher to fix the pitch and make it sound perfect.

Pitcher plugin opened in FL Studio
Pitcher plugin opened in FL Studio

Gross Beat allows you to manipulate the timing and volume of sounds. This can be used creatively to create stuttering or gated effects.

While these plugins aren’t essential but can be very helpful in specific genres of music.

Buying these plugins separately from Image-Line would cost you more than the upgrade cost. So it’s better to upgrade than buy these plugins separately.

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I upgraded to the signature bundle and all plugins edition for this very specific reason.

I found many areas in my song where I can use Gross Beat, NewTone, Pitcher, and other great synths Image-Line offers.

Also, I needed a standard video player for my scoring needs, which was made possible by the Fruitry Video Player I got with the upgrade.

You can also do this freely using the stock ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin, but it takes a bit more of your time.

If you are a student, teacher, or representative of an educational institution, you can get the FL Studio Signature Bundle at a reduced price through an FL Studio Academic License.

FL Studio All Plugins Edition

If you want access to all the plugins and features available in FL Studio, get the All Plugins Edition. It is the highest-priced edition of FL Studio.

All Plugins Edition includes everything from the previous editions with the addition of all plugins from Image-Line.

So if you want to have all the tools at your fingertips, All Plugins Edition might be your best option.

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Final Thoughts

FruityProducerSignatureAll Plugins
Lifetime free updatesβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Audio recordingβŒβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Audio clipsβŒβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Audio editorsNoLimitedYesYes
Scoring with videoβŒβŒβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Quick Comparison: FL Studio Fruity vs Producer vs Signature vs All Plugins Edition

FL Studio is a powerful and versatile digital audio workstation that provides a wide range of capabilities for musicians, producers, and audio engineers.

Many choose FL Studio because of its affordability, extensive library of plugins and samples, and, most importantly, ease of use.

Regardless of your level of experience or budget, there is an edition of FL Studio that is perfect for you.

If you are a beginner and want to get a feel for FL Studio, the Fruity Edition is a great starting point.

However, remember that it doesn’t have essential features such as audio recording.

The Producer Edition is an excellent value for beginners as it has everything in the Fruity Edition and additional plugins and tools like Edison and Slicex.

The Signature Bundle is a good choice if you work with vocals and pitch correction, as it includes plugins like NewTone and Pitcher.

Finally, the All Plugins Edition is ideal for those who want to access all the plugins and features available in FL Studio.

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You can even get a feel of the FL Studio Producer and All Plugins editions for free through the trial version of FL Studio.

By choosing the correct edition of FL Studio, you’ll have all the tools you need to produce professional-quality music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which edition of FL Studio is best for experienced music producers?

If you’re an experienced music producer, the Signature edition of FL Studio may be your best choice. It offers advanced plugins and full audio editing capabilities, allowing you to take a track from start to finish, including mastering. However, if you want access to all the features and plugins available at the time of purchase, you may want to consider the All Plugins edition.

Which edition of FL Studio is best for beginners?

If you are new to FL Studio, the Fruity Edition may be your best option. Its features are designed to make it more accessible for beginners, making it easier for you to navigate. However, remember that the Fruity Edition does not have some essential features like audio recording or drag-and-drop functionality for audio clips on the playlist. If you are familiar with FL Studio and want more advanced features, the Producer Edition may be a better choice for you. It has almost all the features you need to complete a song and is a great value for beginners.

Which is better, FL Studio Producer Edition or Signature Edition?

Choosing between the Signature Edition and the Producer Edition of FL Studio depends on what you need as a music producer. Both editions have the same user-friendly interface and audio/MIDI capabilities, but the Signature Edition offers additional features and plugins that can elevate your music to the next level. Some of these plugins include NewTone, Pitcher, Gross Beat, Harmless, Harmor, Sytrus, and Video Player. These plugins can help with tasks like time and pitch manipulation, vocoding, mastering, synthesis, and video editing. While the Signature Edition is more expensive than the Producer Edition, it offers more value for your money with its extensive list of plugins. However, if you do not need these extra features and plugins, the Producer Edition still has all the necessary tools for music production.

What’s the difference between the FL Studio version and the edition?

The version is the number assigned to a particular release, like FL Studio 12, 20, or 21, while the edition refers to the type of package, such as Fruity, Producer, Signature, or All Plugins. Each version of FL Studio has different editions.

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