Yes, it does exist. In this quick guide, I’ll provide an overview of what to expect from the Academic & Educational Edition of FL Studio software.

FL Studio for Students and Educational Institutions: What to Expect?

FL Studio editions flow chart
FL Studio editions flow chart

FL Studio primarily has four editions. Among them, the Signature Bundle is a complete edition with all the necessary tools.

Image Line, the developer of FL Studio, offers an Academic and Educational Edition of the Signature Bundle with specially priced licenses for eligible students and teachers.

To be eligible for the Academic and Educational Edition of the FL Studio Signature Bundle, valid proof of being a student or teacher is required.

Suppose you are buying an individual Academic License as a student. In that case, you’ll have to source it from a local FL Studio distributor in your country and undergo a compulsory verification process.

But if you are getting it for an educational institution, you’ll have to get the Site License directly from Image-Line through a custom quote. They do not sell digital licenses for academic editions in their online shop.

A Multi-Seat Site License works best for an educational institution with many devices.

The Academic and Educational edition of FL Studio is only for personal and educational use. No music made using it can be commercially released.

Yes, you own the copyright, but you can’t sell or rent the created music for hire.

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FL Studio’s Academic and Educational edition includes all the Producer Edition features, with additional tools, instruments, and effects.

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It has a Mixer with audio sends, sidechain control, advanced automation, multi-touch support, and more.

The Piano Roll makes arranging and sequencing a breeze, while the flexible Playlist allows you to use audio, automation, and note data in any combination.

FL Studio also has a Browser for a super-fast workflow and an impressive selection of built-in plugins.

It also includes several useful plugins like Sytrus, DirectWave, Newtone, GrossBeat, Pitcher, VideoPlayer, Edison, Slicex, Vocodex, etc.

With the Educational edition, Institutes can get licenses in bulk at a reduced cost, including lifetime free updates to FL Studio (learn how to update FL Studio) and the included plugins.

However, it’s important to note that not all plugins are included in the Academic and Educational Edition, and some may work in demo mode.

But like a regular Signature Edition of FL Studio, you can use 3rd party plugins to expand its capabilities further.

Remember, with just $49, you can upgrade an Academic and Educational edition anytime to a full FL Studio license.

This allows you to release music commercially without any limitations.

You can always try out the latest version of FL Studio through their free trial. It offers the features of the Producer and All Plugins editions with some limitations.

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Remember that Image-Line reserves the right to reject documents submitted for proof of eligibility and may cancel the license/registration later if there is a discrepancy or fraud found in the documents submitted by the buyer.

So if you are a non-student or a non-educational institution trying to get FL Studio at a reduced cost, this is not for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get FL Studio for free as a student?

You can’t get FL Studio for free as a student, but you can get it for a discounted price. To get it, a local reseller of FL Studio must verify your Student ID as part of the purchase process. The documents required will depend on the reseller.

How much is the student discount for FL Studio?

There are no official statements from Image-Line about the exact student discount for FL Studio. You can get the correct details from their local distributor in your country or by directly contacting Image-Line.

How do I get discount codes for FL Studio?

There are a few ways to get discount codes for FL Studio. One way is to sign up for the FL Studio email newsletter and get a discount code for your first online order. Another way is to check out affiliate and coupon websites that offer promo codes and deals for FL Studio. You can also wait for the FL Studio sale, which usually happens around Black Friday and offers discounts on some editions of FL Studio.

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