Everyone knows FL Studio as a great music production software, but do you know it can also convert text to speech/voice?

Like those popular AI assistive technology platforms, FL Studio also has a built-in Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology that reads digital text.

In this guide, I’ll convert text to speech on FL Studio using the stock speech synthesizer and introduce some compatible third-party plugins.

Using Speech Synthesizer (Stock Plugin)

Speech Synthesizer is a built-in synthesizer on FL Studio. It’s only available for Windows OS versions of FL Studio. If you use Mac, check these third-party Text-to-Speech plugins.

You can’t find it in the regular plugin database, but you can follow these steps to access it.

Open the Browser window and scroll down to the “Speech” folder.

Speech folder in FL Studio
Speech folder in FL Studio

If you can’t find the browser window, click the “View” button on the menu panel. This will open up a drop-down menu. (see the image below for reference)

From this menu, click and activate “Browser” under the windows section. Once you activate, there will be a tick mark near this option.

Activating browser window in FL Studio
Activating browser window in FL Studio
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Once you access the browser window and open the “Speech” folder, you’ll see a similar window (see the image below).

The speech folder opened in FL Studio
The speech folder opened in FL Studio

Now drag and drop (import) any speech files from the list to the Channel rack of FL Studio.

draging and droping a speech file to FL Studio
Importing speech files to FL Studio

Once you do this, it’ll open up the Speech properties interface of Speech Synthesizer.

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Speech Synthesizer interface 712

In this window, on the text box, you can type in or paste your text to generate speech.

The speech properties window of Speech Synthesizer
The speech properties window of Speech Synthesizer

After you type in the text, you can use the preview button next to it to playback the reference voice.

If unsatisfied with the output, you can tweak some settings under the Voice character window.

The personality setting gives you a series of vocal textures like male, female, robotic, martian, child, old woman, troll, nerd, choirboy, etc.

You can use it to make the speech sound very different instantly.

Under the style settings, you have four options: natural, monotonesing, and random.

Each of these options plays around with the pitch of the voice. In my testing, I found “natural” to be more realistic.

The mode settings have three options, normalbreathy, and whispered. It adds some noise to the voice, making it sound “airy” as you go up the settings.

Word rate/Word Per Minute (WPM) setting defines how fast the words are spoken. Here, you have to set the value in numerals.

For example, if you set it to 20, the synthesizer will play 20 words per minute.

The next control you have over the voice is the pitch keyboard. Here you can set the pitch of voice using a virtual keyboard interface.

I got a decent speech output in my testing using the following settings.

PersonalityCrisp male
Word rate (WPM)195
Recommended settings for the Speech Synthesizer in FL Studio

Once you are happy with the output, press the Accept button on the Speech properties interface.

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It’ll process the text and open up a file explorer window asking you to name and save the speech file (shown in the image below). Click Save to store the file on your computer.

Saving speech file
Saving speech file

With the speech file, it’ll also generate and save a WAV file. It’ll then automatically load up this WAV file on a sampler in the channel rack of FL Studio (as shown below).

Speech sample added to the Channel rack on the FL studio
Speech sample added to the Channel rack on the FL studio

You can now easily link the generated speech sample to a mixer track to further add other effects like auto-tune, reverb, etc.

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Convert Text to Speech on FL Studio Using Third-Party Plugins

Since the stock Speech Synthesizer on FL Studio is not as flexible as regular text-to-speech generators, you can also consider using third-party plugins to take more control over the voice output.

Following are some of the best compatible plugins that can convert text to speech on FL Studio. They can also work on other DAWs.

VocaloidVST, StandaloneWindows, MacPaid
ChipspeechVST, VST3, AU (Mac only), AAX, StandaloneWindows, MacPaid
VST Speek or AU SpeekVST, AU (Mac only)Windows, MacFree
Alter/EgoVST, VST3, AU (Mac only), AAX, StandaloneWindows, MacFree
Free and paid third-party plugins for converting text to speech on FL Studio

Among the paid Vocaloid and Chipspeech plugins, Chipspeech is less memory intensive and can run on PCs with minimal features.

They both can cost anywhere between $100 – $150. You can try their demo/trial versions to make a better decision.

Among the free-to-use plugins, Alter/Ego is memory intensive but has a larger sound bank.

VST Speek, on the other hand, is relatively lite as it only has a single robotic sound. It lets you adjust basic parameters like pitch, speed, mouth, throat, etc.

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Final Thoughts – Will it Sound Good?

With Speech Synthesizer, you can easily convert text to speech on FL Studio, but unfortunately, it doesn’t give out a best-sounding output.

You’ll have to rely on some effects plugins to make it sound quite realistic, but if you only require an artificial-sounding output, Speech Synthesizer alone will be enough.

There are also some great free and paid text-to-speech converters available. You can try those out if you want something different.

I hope this guide has helped you convert text to speech on FL Studio.

You can ask me questions in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert text to speech?

You can convert text to speech using speech algorithms that can read text. Google Translate is an excellent example of a text-to-speech converter. It can detect the text you type in and read it aloud. These types of technology are integrated into most devices that we call “smart” today.

How to change voice in FL Studio?

You can change the voice on FL Studio using different effects plugins. FL Studio has a lot of stock plugins that you can use to change voice free of cost.

How do I make my voice deeper in FL Studio?

You can make your voice deeper in FL Studio by reducing the sample’s pitch. To do this, double-click the sample and turn the pitch knob (under time stretching) to a negative value. For a very deep voice, turn the pitch knob all the way to the left.

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