FL Studio is a great DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for anyone trying to make music.

Still, it limits many from doing simple audio editing operations, such as using video as a reference and working on the audio.

If you are looking for the know-how on adding and syncing video on FL Studio, you are at the right place. This article will explain just that.

There are two ways you can add and sync videos on FL Studio,

  1. Using stock plugins in FL Studio
  2. Using third-party plugins

Using FL Studio’s Stock Plugins

Two stock plugins on FL Studio allow users to add and sync videos with audio. They are:

First, I’ll show you how to add and sync videos using the ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin.

1. ZGameEditor Visualizer

ZGameEditor Visualizer is an effects plugin available within FL Studio. It is freely available on all versions of the software.

Follow these steps to add and sync videos on FL Studio using ZGameEditor Visualizer.

  • Open the mixer panel on FL Studio and go to the effects rack (highlighted in pink) of a mixer track.
  • Click on any of the empty slots (underlined in orange).
  • This will open up a list of FX plugins.
Step 1

From the list of plugins, navigate to ZGameEditor Visualizer and select it. This will add the plugin to the effects rack on the mixer.

Step 2

(Optional) Select the detached window mode from the main window option to separate out the video preview window. This allows you to move around the video preview to your liking easily.

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Step 3

Click on the effect selection button. Initially, it’ll show as “none” since no effect is selected.

Step 4
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Go to “Image effects” and select “Image”

Step 5
  • Now switch to the “Add content” tab inside ZGameEditor.
  • Click on the “Add videos” button. This action opens up your default file explorer.
Step 6

Now navigate to the folder where you have saved your video. Select the video and click “Open.”

Step 7

You can only import the following video formats on ZGameEditor.

  • .wmv
  • .avi
  • .qt
  • .mpg
  • .mpeg
  • .m1v
  • .mov
  • .mkv
  • .mp4

Now you have the video added to ZGameEditor.

To sync the video with the playlist timeframe, enable the “Sync video with song position” option.

Step 8

Now you can go back to the main tab of ZGameEdito and select the image source.

Step 9

(as shown below) You can choose your video file.

Step 10

Yay, you made it. Now you can play the video in sync with the song’s position.

Now you have successfully imported the video to FL studio using ZGameEditor
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2. Fruity Video Player

Fruity Video Player is only available for FL Studio’s Signature and All Plugin Editions (learn about different FL Studio editions).

If you are using any other software license (Fruity/Producer), you can use the Video Visualizer (ZGameEditor) stock plugin.

A comparison of different versions of FL studio

Carefully follow the steps given below:

Open the channel rack on FL Studio and click on the “Add new channel” button.

Step 1

Now select “Fruity Video Player” from the shown plugin list.

Step 2
  • The video player should now be added to the channel rack.
  • Click on it (shown using a pink arrow) to open the plugin interface (highlighted in yellow).
  • Now navigate to and click the “Load video file…” button (circled in blue). This opens up the default file explorer on your computer.
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Step 3
  • Using the file explorer, navigate to the folder where you have your video saved.
  • Select the video you want to use.
  • Click “Open.”
Step 4

Note: Fruity Video Player only supports the following video formats

  • .wmv
  • .avi
  • .qt
  • .mpg
  • .mpeg
  • .m1v
  • .mov
  • .mkv
  • .mp4

Congrats, you did it!

Videos imported to FL studio using the Fruity Video Player will be in sync with the audio by default.

Now you have successfully imported the video to FL studio using Fruity Video Player

Using third-party plugins

You can also add videos to FL Studio using third-party plugins. These are plugins from companies other than Image Line (developers of FL Studio).

From my experience of using FL Studio, I’m sure the ZGameEditor is feature-rich, and you can do a lot more with it than other video plugins you might use.


Adding videos to FL Studio is great for editing audio or composing music with existing video content.

For example, if you are composing for a film or a show, you can easily import the video file and use it as a real-time reference to make your composing process much easier.

FL Studio is primarily a music production-oriented software, which is why it doesn’t have a proper video sync feature like in other audio suits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a video to FL Studio?

Yes, you can add a video to FL Studio. You can either add it for aesthetics or use it as a reference to work in sync with the audio. FL Studio has two stock plugins that allow you to import videos, but if you want to use some other plugins, you can do so by installing them as a VST.

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Can FL Studio do video editing?

Even though you can work with video on FL studio, unfortunately, you can’t edit video on FL studio. If you think about it, this makes sense since FL Studio is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Can I make videos on FL Studio?

Yes, you can make videos in FL Studio using ZGameEditor Visualizer. It’s an in-built visualizer within FL Studio, allowing you to make visually engaging video content for your songs. Note that it is not a professional video editing platform, so you’ll have some restrictions on your creativity. For generating good quality video content, always use dedicated video editing software.

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