Google has developed MusicLM, an AI technology that can generate music from text alone.

According to a research paper, this system can create music of any genre based on the description given to it.

MusicLM has been trained using 280,000 hours of music, enabling it to produce complex songs that sound like a human artist crafted them with creative instincts.

This incredible technology will surely excite music lovers and the music industry alike.

Music Generation Capabilities of MusicLM

MusicLM can create short snippets of music and compose melodies based on descriptions.

You can also give instructions to the AI system through pictures and captions, and it will generate audio that is performed by a particular type of instrument in a specific genre.

Moreover, MusicLM can create music inspired by places, periods, or specifications, making it an excellent tool for creating personalized music in bulk.

Shortcomings of MusicLM

Despite its impressive capabilities, MusicLM has some limitations.

The samples generated by the system can have a distorted quality due to the training process limitations.

Although the system can create vocals, including choral harmonies, you may also find that the quality is not excellent, and the words may not even be understandable.

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The Google researchers are aware of the various ethical dilemmas that MusicLM might bring, including the risk of using copyrighted material from the training data for the generated songs.

In their experiment, the researchers discovered that some percentage of the music generated by MusicLM was a replica of the songs used for training.

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Due to this, the researchers have decided not to release MusicLM to the public in its current state.

If MusicLM or a similar system is made available in the future, it is likely to face significant legal challenges.

The same issues have been raised about AI systems for images, codes, and texts, usually obtained from the web without the creator’s knowledge.

Legal experts say that AI music generators like MusicLM violate music copyright by creating audio pieces based on the works they take for training, infringing any country’s Copyright Act.

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MusicLM is an amazing AI technology that could completely transform how music is made.

It can produce music from text descriptions and build on existing melodies to form whole melodic stories.

Have an emergency meeting and quickly need unique music for your presentation?

Well, MusicLM would have been a help if it was available to use.

Although legal and ethical questions need to be addressed.

I don’t know what the future of AI music generation will look like yet, but MusicLM gives us a great insight into all the potential possibilities.

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