Unfortunately, FL Studio Mobile is not available for free to FL Studio owners. It requires a separate purchase for iOS, Android, or Windows UWP (Universal Windows Platform) devices.

However, if you are an FL Studio desktop owner, you can use FL Studio Mobile as a free plugin on your PC, but this functionality is not extended to mobile devices.

FL Studio Mobile has many valuable features and benefits that make it worth considering for music production on the go.

Pricing of FL Studio Mobile

You must purchase the mobile version separately to use FL Studio on mobile devices. It doesn’t matter if you are an FL Studio desktop owner or not.

The pricing of FL Studio Mobile varies depending on the platform.

The Android version is priced at $14.99 on the Google Play Store, the iOS version costs $13.99, and the Windows version costs $14.99.

Features and Benefits

FL Studio Mobile offers several features that make it a valuable addition to the FL Studio ecosystem.

One of the key benefits is the ability to transfer projects seamlessly between your computer and mobile device.

This allows for greater flexibility and convenience, enabling you to work on your projects while on the go and continue editing them on your desktop.

Additionally, FL Studio Mobile is integrated as a free plugin on the desktop version, providing further integration between the two platforms.

FL Studio Mobile
FL Studio Mobile – User Interface

Justification for the Pricing of FL Studio Mobile

It is important to understand why FL Studio Mobile is not provided for free to FL Studio owners.

Image-Line, the company behind FL Studio, incurs costs related to publishing the mobile app on different app stores, such as the yearly Apple developer license fee.

Moreover, the in-house development costs, including programming, quality assurance, and customer support, also contribute to the pricing structure.

Looking at the effort they put into making these programs, it makes sense to their pricing.

It’s worth noting that Image-Line offers FL Studio desktop versions as perpetual licenses with lifetime updates, which in itself is a major benefit for FL Studio owners.

FL Studio Mobile Alternatives

If you want free FL Studio Mobile alternatives for music production, two noteworthy options are Caustic 3 and KORG Kaossilator.

Caustic 3 provides a virtual rack of synthesizers and effects modules, while KORG Kaossilator offers a unique touch-based interface for creating music.

Both these apps are available for Android and iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FL Studio Mobile the same as FL Studio?

No, FL Studio Mobile is not the same as FL Studio. FL Studio Mobile is a lightweight digital audio workstation app available for Android, iOS, and Windows UWP. It has limited functionality compared to the desktop version of FL Studio.

Do you have to buy FL Studio Mobile separately?

Yes, you have to buy FL Studio Mobile separately for each platform you want to use it on. The plugin version of FL Studio Mobile is included with FL Studio’s desktop version, so you don’t have to buy FL Studio Mobile separately to use it on the FL Studio desktop software.

Is there any way to get FL Studio Mobile for free?

No, there is no way to get FL Studio Mobile for free unless Image-Line decides to give it for free. The app is a paid product that you have to buy for each platform. Some websites may offer pirated or modified versions of the app, but they breach Image-Line’s terms of use and are illegal and unsafe to use.

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