No, SynthEdit does not provide the ability to compile your plugins into standalone executable files (.exe/.app). Instead, it can only export plugins in VST plugin formats – specifically VST2 and VST3. These files require a host application to load and process audio or MIDI.

So, if you create a cool synth or effect in SynthEdit that you want to use without a DAW, what can you do?

This is where VST host programs come in handy.

VST Host Applications: Launch VSTs without a DAW

A VST host is a lightweight program made specifically for hosting VST plugins and running them in standalone mode.

Some of the popular VST hosts are Cantabile, SAVIHost, and VSTHost. I’ve tried them all, but I use VSTHost the most.

These hosts will scan your system for VST plugins, allow you to select which ones you want to use, handle audio and MIDI routing, and give you basic controls for working with the plugins.

Here is how to use your SynthEdit creations in standalone mode:

  1. Export your plugin from SynthEdit as a VST
  2. Install a VST host program
  3. Point the host to your plugin file
  4. Configure audio and MIDI in the host
  5. Load your plugin and use it!
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In Conclusion

So, while SynthEdit itself does not allow saving plugins as standalone executables, using a VST host provides an easy workaround.

You can access and use your own custom instruments and effects without ever needing to launch a DAW.

The only limitation is that the VST host handles the audio and MIDI piping, so you lose out on some of the advanced routing and effects that a full-featured DAW provides.

👉  Exporting Plugin as Audio Units (AU) in SynthEdit

But for basic standalone operation, a VST host has got you covered!

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