You can sync audio with video in DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) to edit sound effects, foley, dialogues, and soundtracks.

In this article, I’ll review different video player VST plugins you can use on DAWs to work with video playback.

Whether you’re an experienced editor or just starting, video player plugins can help you make audio tracks that sync well with different visual content.

PluginOS SupportPaid/Free
1.Video Sync 5MacPaid
2.XJADEOWindows, Mac, LinuxFree
3.VidPlayVSTWindows, Mac, LinuxPaid
Linux and Mac (with emulator)
Quick overview of video player plugins for DAWs

1. Video Sync 5 (Paid)

Video Sync 5
Working with Video Sync 5

Video Sync 5 is a video player synchronization plugin developed by Non-Lethal Applications.

It is one of the most advanced video player plugins for Mac OS, and it works with almost all DAWs.

Video Sync 5 has a simple, user-friendly UI with seamless sync capabilities and quicker frame times.

Non-Lethal Applications offer the plugin in two versions – Basic and Pro.

The Pro version has additional features like visual event import, 4K resolution support for Blackmagic/AJA devices, dual display support, etc.

Video Sync 5 is a paid software. It comes in two different pricing methods. You can pay once to use it perpetually or subscribe to a monthly/annual plan.

Depending on your version and plan, the Video Sync 5 plugin can cost between $19.5 – $503.

They also have a demo version of the plugin for 14 days with watermarked video playback.

To run Video Sync 5 smoothly, you must have an Intel/Apple Silicon Mac PC with 16 GB RAM, SSD storage, and 1 GB VRAM.

The Pros of Video Sync 5

  • Reduces the CPU load of the DAW by using a dedicated processing unit to manage video synchronization.
  • Works on modern DAWs that can generate MIDI timecode as a source.
  • It lets you work with multiple tracks simultaneously and supports GPU rendering.
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The Cons of Video Sync 5

  • It only works on Mac operating systems.
  • If you’re using an older DAW, some features of Video Sync 5 might not work correctly.
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2. XJadeo (Free)

XJadeo plugin
XJadeo (Source: Sourceforge)

XJadeo is a video player application that helps display video clips synchronize with a MIDI Timecode, Jack-Transport, and other time sources.

It is primarily used in projects that support GNU/Linux platform.

XJadeo has a simple user interface with flexible, dedicated user panels, providing efficient frame accuracy and decent video drivers that support full and windowed display formats.

Your setup should have the JACK audio connection kit pre-installed, else the plugin won’t work correctly.

Once you open the XJadeo application, you can add the desired video track with audio from a MIDI sequencer.

Then you can choose a compatible DAW as an instrument engine to complement the audio and video sync while connected to a JACK Audio Server.

This will link XJadeo to your DAW to show the chosen video output. XJadeo also has a community page to report issues related to the application.

You can use this plugin to integrate MIDI audio into videos.

XJadeo is free to use and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

The Pro of XJadeo

  • Supports many video formats due to FFMPEG video decoding.
  • Supports A/V synchronization methods that do not require hardware support.
  • Extensive support for Linux OS, providing constant updates and bug fixes.

The Cons of XJadeo

  • Without JACK Audio Connection Kit, the plugin won’t work.
  • It cannot display multiple videos simultaneously.

3. VidPlayVST (Paid)


VidPlayVST is a popular video player plugin supported by almost all operating systems and digital audio workstations (DAWs).

It uses FFmpeg to work with various audio and video formats, allowing you to sync audio and video smoothly with time cues.

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VidPlayVST also offers options to resize, mute, and optimize the video based on the song’s tempo.

I prefer using VidPlayVST because it offers more features and greater accessibility than stock plugins.

Its light CPU usage and low memory load are ideal for syncing complex music patterns to videos.

VidPlayVST is a paid software available for Windows and MacOS. The price of VidPlayVST is reasonably low but does not include lifetime updates.

Linux users can access a free version of the plugin, which is currently in its inception phase.

Before buying, you can try out the demo, which allows you to play only the first 30 seconds of the uploaded video.

The Pros of VidPlayVST

  • Supports more than a hundred video formats.
  • Many options to tweak and sync the video to audio, such as resizing, looping, rendering, and controlling aspect ratios.
  • VST2 and VST3 versions are available.

The Cons of VidPlayVST

  • It doesn’t offer lifetime updates, so when a new version comes out, you must purchase a new license to have the updated version.
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4. MediaVST (Free)

MediaVST plugin opened in a DAW
MediaVST plugin opened in a DAW

MediaVST is a part of Polac VST(i) Loader (pvst) software, designed for use in Jeskola Buzz music software.

However, you can also extract the plugin to use in other Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). It offers smooth syncing of video and audio without delay.

The plugin has various features, and developers make bug fixes occasionally. MediaVST works on both 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

In my testing, I found that MediaVST isn’t compatible with some DAWs and may crash if they don’t support VST2 plugins.

The good news is that MediaVST is free of charge – no payment is required.

Unfortunately, support and updates are limited, but you can modify the plugin based on your preferences.

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If you’re looking for a free, reliable video player plugin for FL Studio, MediaVST is a decent option.

It works well for short videos but may occasionally crash when working on longer videos.

The Pros of MediaVST

  • MIDI-supported and user-friendly interface.
  • It supports many video formats and has troubleshooting properties.

The Cons of MediaVST

  • It doesn’t have a VST3 version.
  • Updates and bug fixes are minimal, as there is no developer support.

5. VideoVST (Free)

VideoVST is one of the oldest video player plugins; it even works on some modern DAWs.

With it, you can play MPEG-1 videos in sync with the designated audio, just like in Film and TV-scoring scenarios.

Unfortunately, VideoVST is only compatible with Windows OS. However, you can tweak it (with an emulator) to use it on Linux or MacOS.

Even though it was last updated in 2006, the plugin still works and gets the job done. The only downside is that it works only for MPG video formats.

The best part is that VideoVST is free to use. However, remember it’s a legacy plugin, so that the installation can be tricky.

The Pros of VideoVST

  • Simple user interface with separated panels.
  • Options such as delay, volume, and size help customize the video to sync with the audio properly.

The Cons of VideoVST

  • It only supports mpg formats, meaning you have to convert the video. This is very time-consuming.
  • It crashed often.
  • No VST3 version is available.

Final Thoughts

Videos have become an essential part of multimedia creation. You can sync videos with audio on a DAW easily using different video player plugins.

These plugins offer a range of features and functionalities that allow for seamless video editing, producing high-quality audio-visual content.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, integrating video into your music production can take your creative output to the next level.

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