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OddPlug EMP1 Earphone


First prototype of the Ear Master 1 series.

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Introducing the OddPlug EMP1 Earphones. The first prototype of the Ear Master 1 series.

Crafted for the audiophile who demands nothing less than perfection, the EMP1 is a testament to auditory precision and comfort.

Design and Build

The EMP1 features a sleek, ergonomic design tailored to your ears’ contours.

The matte black finish exudes sophistication, while the discreet ‘OP’ engraving on each earpiece signifies its pedigree.

The braided black cable not only adds a touch of elegance but is also engineered for durability and tangle resistance, ensuring your focus remains on the music.

Sound Quality

Engineered with proprietary acoustic technology, the EMP1 delivers a sound experience that is as accurate as it is enthralling.

The earphones provide a balanced soundscape, from the deepest bass to the clearest highs.

Each note is rendered with astonishing clarity, making every track resonate with the purity of live performance.

Comfort and Isolation

The EMP1’s silicone tips come in multiple sizes, offering a personalized fit that seals the music in and the world out.

This custom fit provides passive noise isolation, enhancing the listening experience and allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the rhythm and beats.

Durability and Functionality

The earpieces are designed to be as durable as they are comfortable, making them suitable for extended listening sessions.

The in-line remote is a nod to practicality, giving you control over your music and calls with ease.

Product Features:

  • Elegant matte black finish with engraved ‘OP’ logo
  • Premium braided cable for superior strength and tangle resistance
  • Customizable silicone tips for the perfect fit and noise isolation
  • In-line remote for seamless control of music and calls
  • Proprietary acoustic technology for unmatched sound fidelity
  • Prototype of the highly anticipated Ear Master 1 series

The OddPlug EMP1 Earphones are not just another set of earphones. They are the prologue to an auditory revolution. Be one of the first to experience the fusion of art and acoustics with the EMP1 — where every note matters.

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